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BrickStix Transport

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Bring your transportation build to life with Transport BrickStix!

BrickStix are reusable, removable and restickable cling decals. They are compatible with most smooth plastic bricks. Add a traffic sign to your city, a deer to your park, or a sign to your truck. Change your BrickStix as often as you change your mind. Give your creations life!

BrickStix are CLING decals for bricks, like Colorforms®. They work using static cling–they don't have a glue adhesive like a sticker. Press and rub the BrickStix against the brick to secure the cling. When the smooth plastic brick and the BrickStix are pressed together, the pressure secures the charge and Voila! BrickStix can be used over and over, that's what makes them so great.

  • 84 cling decals
  • 2 Sheets
  • Product package 6" X 8"